1992 Outstanding Youth Award Recipients

Abraham Lin

Abraham Lin is a senior at Walter Johnson High School. At WJ, he excels academically as well as athletically. Abe has been commended as a Scholar-Athlete since his freshman year of high school. He runs on Varsity Indoor Track and has played on the Boy's Varsity Tennis team since 9th grade. Outside of school Abe enjoys cycling and skiing, and various other outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. Also, he has studied piano privately for the past twelve years, and has succeeded in contests such as the Peabody Spring Solo Competition. Abe is currently President of the Taiwanese Youth Group and enjoys working with the teens of the Taiwanese Community.

Abraham is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Lin


Audrey Lin

Audrey Lin is a senior at Langley High School in McLean VA. She has a wide range of interests ranging from sign language to the art of paper cutting. A second year American Sign language student, Audrey won Langley's award for excellence in sign last year. In addition, she serves as the co-president of Langley's Sign Language Club and took part in two theater festivals in Deaf Theater. Audrey also loves the French language and received a 5 (top score) on the French Language AP exam as well as scoring a near perfect 790 on the French Achievement Test. She also was 8th in the state of VA on the National French Exam in 1991 and 5th in the state in 1992. Her other academic achievements include a 5 on the US History AP exam,

Commended Scholar status in the National Merit Scholarship Competition, as well as co-authoring a paper of original historical research which has been published by the Fairfax County Historical Society. Audrey also has a great interest in the arts, playing three instruments: piano, flute and guitar. She won 1st place in the 1989 Peabody piano competition and 3rd place in 1991. She was a member of the Washington Flute Choir and plays the guitar for her church youth group. In addition to music, Audrey has a taste for theater and dance. The dance styles she has studied in depth are ballet, jazz, and Chinese dance. Some of her experience on stage include creating, directing, and acting in her silent drama "Witnessing the Unseen struggle", creating and performing in two mini-musicals, and performing as a lead dancer in the school musical, "Sweet Charity".

Audrey also loves teaching kids. She has tutored a 6th grader and a 2nd grader, was an assistant teacher for her church's Sunday School for toddlers for one term, and taught jazz at Taiwanese School. She is a member of the Evangelic Formosan Church DC youth group where she has served as a leader since the creation of the youth leadership corps and now serves as the chairperson of the corps.

Audrey is the daughter of


Carolyn Wang

Carolyn Wang is a junior Winston Churchill high school. Besides being an "A' student, she is also a section editor of her school's yearbook Finest Hours, which is listed as top ten in this nation. Since eighth grade, she has been playing volleyball and was a captain on the Hoover team. Just lest year, she helped her team end their season at third in the county. Carolyn also played girls' volleyball since she was in ninth grade, and started on the varsity team her sophomore and junior years.

For 11 years, Carolyn has been playing the piano. She has won numerous first places at Peabody for both solo, and ensemble competition Last year she also placed in the Mariam Gottlieb competition. Since junior high school, Carolyn has won several concerto competitions. Her first was when she won the 2nd movement of the county Junior Hyden concerto, and placed as an alternate for the 3rd movement when she was in seventh grade. Her second was when the Junior State concerto in eighth grade. Carolyn's latest concerto winning was in 1991 when she won the county's senior concerto competition and got to perform won both the Montgomery College Symphony, and the Washington Conservatory Orchestra. Among other things, Carolyn loves to ski, play tennis and soccer, and go biking. She also played the cello and was the principle cellist of the Montgomery County Junior Orchestra in 1990. A few years ago, Carolyn won a gold medal at the Junior Olympics for playing table tennis.

Carolyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wang


Caroline Hsu

Caroline Hsu is a senior at Quince Orchard High School. She sings, plays the piano, and the violin. Caroline is a National Merit Semi-finalist and a Maryland Distinguished Scholar. She is an editor of her school paper and a reporter with Young D.C., a Washington metropolitan area newspaper published by and for teens. Caroline is active in the Taiwanese community and regularly attends TAC. She has joined in a FAPA summer leadership camp and had experience with lobbying congressmen. Caroline participates in many clubs at her school and is secretary of the German Honor Society and chairperson of cultural affairs for the German Club. She is also part of the National Honors Society. Interact, the Literary Magazine, it's Academic, and the African American Club. She is the parliamentarian of the Chapter X MAUAF and a member of the track and cross-country teams. Caroline also volunteers with senior citizen and councils pregnant teens.

Caroline is the daughter of Ms. Lisa Chiu-Hsu and Mr. Chuck Hsu.


Catherine Wang

Catherine Wang is junior at Winston Churchill High School. A straight A student throughout high school, she was recently awarded by the American Association of University Women with the 1992 Award for Mathematics Achievement. Playing piano since the age of 4, she has won numerous concerto, solo, and ensemble competitions at both the state and local levels. She has also performed with the Montgomery symphony Orchestra and the Washington Conservatory Orchestra. This year. Catherine was awarded with the Paderewski Medal for her outstanding piano achievements. Catherine is also very involved in community service. As a member of the American Red Cross, she has been a volunteer at Asbury Nursing Home for two years. She also regularly plays piano at nursing homes. Catherine tutors young immigrants from Taiwan and China through a program sponsored by Montgomery County Public Schools and the American Coalition for Assistance and Mentor Programs.

Catherine is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kuo-Pin Wang.


David Tsai

He is a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. At Exeter, he is presently a highest honors student, which very few students achieve. He particularly enjoys the math and sciences. Last year, he was an overall top-scorer for our school math team, which is part of the New England Math League. Last summer, he received a scholarship sponsored by Harvard University and the National Science Foundation, at the University of Maryland. He took an introductory engineering course and participated in many laboratories, such as the solar car lab, which involved the Pride of Maryland, the solar car which placed third in the CM Solar Car Race. He received the second prize at the New England Chinese Speech Contest in New England. He has been involved in many cultural activities (e.g. TYC, Chinese Culture Club, Asian Society). He is a food coordinator for the Chinese/Taiwanese Table, which cooks for the school on many special occasions (Chinese New Year). In sports, He has run for Track and has received a varsity letter and the Scholar Athlete Award. He takes part in club tennis, squash, and soccer. He is a writer for Glimpse, a scientific literary magazine, and for a Chinese Newsletter. He also has played the violin for eight years and played in the school orchestra and quartets. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening. He received the 1992 Chinese Medical and Health Association High School Scholarship. He has also been nominated numerous times to represent Maryland in the Congressional Youth leadership Council.

David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lung-Wen Tsai


Faydeana Lau

Faydeana Lau is a junior attending Winston Churchill High School. In school, she has maintained an A average in honors numerous competitions including the 1990 Maryland State Junior Concerto Competition and the 1992 Maryland State Senior Concerto Competition. She has also received many first places at the Maryland Music Teachers Association solo and ensemble piano competitions. In addition to piano, Faydeana has also played cello for five years as her second instrument. She received first places at the 1992 Maryland State String Ensemble Festival. She has also received several second places in the Maryland State String Solo Festivals. She has played with the Montgomery County Youth Orchestras for most of her cello career and was the principal cellist of the Junior Orchestra during the 1990-1991 season. Faydeana was a member of the 1992 Maryland All-State Orchestra. She is also playing in a string quartet at the Levino School of Music. Faydeana has been an active member of the Evangelical Foirinosan Church ever since its beginning and was a leader of its youth group for two years.

Faydeana is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chung-Der Lan.


Harry Huang

Harry Huang is currently a junior in the Magnet program at Montgomery Blair High School. He is an A student and has been a Student Government Senator for the past two years. Harry is also the Secretary of the Chinese Club and a member to the Computer Club and Odessey of the Mind. This past summer, he worked at NIH and plans to continue his work there. Harry has played the violin for twelve years. He has received many honors with his violin. He has made several public performances including at the Kennedy Center and Wolftrap. He won first place in the only TYAF music competition and as won numerous awards in state competitions. Harry was concertmaster of the Taiwanese Orchestra which performed at the Asian Pacific festival as well as at Taiwan Night. Harry was also concertmaster of this school's orchestra last year. In addition, Harry was a principal second violinist in the Maryland All State Orchestra. Finally, Harry has also played in the Montgomery County Youth Orchestra for seven years.

Harry is very active in the Taiwanese community. He has continuously attended Taiwanese/Chinese School for the past ten years. During which he has learned a great deal about speaking and writing Taiwanese. This past year he had an idea to form a class for older children to learn Taiwanese. He felt that these older kids had no way of getting a Taiwanese education because the only beginners classes were for younger kids. He follows through on his idea and is currently the assistant teacher of the class. Harry attends Taiwanese Youth Group activities and Taiwanese Youth Arts Foundation activities too. When he grows up, he plans to be a doctor.

Harry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Huang


Janet Huang

Janet Huang is currently a junior of Thomas S. Wootton High School. She is extremely active in both her school and the Taiwanese community. Debate, drama and forensics (speech) are among some of the Clubs she is involved in. Recently, she was chosen to be a semi-finalist at the Regional Forensics Tournament. Janet has also been in many school plays and musicals. In the Taiwanese Youth Group, she has served as both secretary and is currently Vic president. Other leadership positions that she has held are treasurer and co-social leader of the Evangelical Formosan Church of Washington D.C. Youth Group, and Vice-President of Production of J.A. (a Student-run business). She has also won numerous awards in various piano competitions including the 1992 Maryland State Concerto competition in which she performed with the Montgomery County Orchestra, and the MSMTA Ensemble and solo competitions. Janet has a strong interest in speaking and business. She enjoys cartooning, singing and acting.

Janet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hsin-chi Huang.


Stacy Yu

Stacy Yu is a junior at the Dulaney High School located at Timonium, Maryland. She has been privileged to be qualified for five courses of the gifted and talented program under the Baltimore County Public School System since sixth grade, a member of the National Honor Society, the captain of the Dulaney High School's "It's Academic" team, and an art editor for the school newspaper.

In the summer of 1992, as a member of the choir "Maryland Sings" and at a citizen's "Goodwill Ambassador", She had the opportunity to perform in seven European counties. Besides singing, she is fond of artwork and playing violin. She has been involved in the Dulaney High School orchestra, the Baltimore All-County Orchestra, and the Maryland All-Stale Orchestra. Her spare time includes drawings, where she does a lot of work in pencil and pastel.

She works with the Student Government Organization and provides services to her peer by being a "Peer Tutor" and a "Peer Counselor". She believes that helping people is one of the fundamental requirements of a good citizen in the society. Her multi-dimensional interests and activities enable her to make the most out of her life.

Stacy is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ta-Hsiung Yu.


Tyson Su

Tyson Su is currently studying at Loch Raven High School, placed top 5%, of the class and participate in 6 G&T subjects. He is a member and served as treasurer of the LRH Student Council. He has been playing lacrosse for 7 years received varsity letter last year as a sophomore, and playing football at the school for 3 years now. He received J.V. Coaches Award (MVP) last year and the Honorable Mention All-County team this year.

He has been playing violet for 11 years. Last year he earned the Concert Master in Baltimore All-County Sr. Orchestra and the principle 2nd violin in the Maryland All-Slate Orchestra as well, and planed the 1st in age divisions at MSMTA 1991 Spring Festival. He was invited to perform in the Peabody Preparatory's Honor Recital. He has beets acting for 3 years, and handed a role in school play which appeared in the Shakespearean Festival at the Center Stage as Hamlet.

Tyson is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Y I-Hsiung Su