1996-1997 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Mr. Chien Yuan Kao & Ms. Ching Fen Lin

We came to United States in 1989 to attend graduate school at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan (Chien-Yuan earned his Ph.D. degree in Genetics and Ching-Fen received an MBA). While in the U.S. we had two sons, Eric was born in Michigan (1991) and Jesse was born in Maryland (1995). In the summer of 1994, we moved to Maryland. At the end of November 1996, we left Maryland for Kansas.

After being introduced by Mrs. Margie Lee, we joined the Taiwanese Language School in the Fall of 1994. In that same year, the kindergarten class (mainly teaching Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes) was started, taught by Ching-Fen. Eric was one of the students and he enjoyed the class a great deal. We had a wonderful time during these two years in this big family. Although our children were born in America, we really hope they would also speak and understand our mother language (Taiwanese). Indeed, the Taiwanese Language School could provide the best opportunity and environment for them to learn this language and interact with other Taiwanese children. We also believe the lessons which children receive from the school can be greatly enhanced by the involvement of their parents.

We especially appreciate Mrs. Margie Lee for giving us the chance to participate and serve in the school. Also, we would like to thank all the TYAF members for their cooperation and all the people in Taiwanese Language School for their kindness. Although we no longer live in the Washington D.C., we still hold fond memories of our involvement with the school and encourage all the parents who care about the Taiwanese culture and language to sustain and promote the Taiwanese Language School.